Video: Levi Johnston Doesn't Know What Mayors Do

Sorry, Levi. Mayors are in charge of the police force.

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Last night, Levi Johnston appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his plans to run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. It's essentially a reality TV stunt for a show he's pitching called Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor's Office. Humorously, it only took a few questions from Kimmel for it to become apparent that Levi has a rather thin understanding of what a mayor actually does:

Kimmel: And so you'll be in charge of the police force?

Johnston: No, that's the state.

Kimmel: Oh, the mayor's not in charge of the police force there?

Johnston: No, not that I know.

Kimmel: Oh. Here that's how it is. Here in L.A.

Like good journalists, we double-checked with the Wasilla mayor's office and had a delightful discussion with Mary Bixby, the executive assistant to the mayor. She of course told us that Johnston is wrong:

No that's not correct. I think he just doesn't know better. There are the Alaska State Troopers but we have our own city police department. So, you know, he's just incorrect. 

While we had her on the phone, Bixby also commented on Johnston's mayoral bid:

It almost feels like he's making a mockery of our town and, you know, I haven't heard him once say he wants to run for mayor to better the community. He's probably got a lot to learn before he can get into any debate... Also, he has to be a resident of Wasilla for one year before he can run. And I'm just not sure if he's a resident.
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