Video: Basil Marceaux's First Campaign Debate

He even introduces his "campaign staff"

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Long-shot Tennessee Republican gubernatorial candidate and Internet sensation Basil Marceaux participated in his first campaign debate Wednesday night. Marceaux, who surprised everyone by donning a suit but still managed to show some chest, debated Green Party candidate Howard Switzer and Tennessee separatist June Griffin, who was made briefly infamous in 2005 by The Daily Show. Wonkette has given this exciting event the 1,400 words of coverage it deserves. ("It Made Lincoln-Douglas Look Like a Conversation Between Two Retarded Baby Pandas.") We will simply present you with the videos.

Basil on citizenship:

Basil explaining his proposed "$1000 fine if you break the Constitution":

Basil on the military:

Basil on homelessness:

Basil introduces his staff:

Judging by the quick scans of the audience, Marceaux's electorate mostly consists of giggle college kids. There are several more videos, including June Griffin's "prayer for atheists," here.
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