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With the U.S. Postal Service facing potentially existential changes following billions of dollars in annual losses, forcing them to consider cutting Saturday delivery in an attempt to remain sustainable, could a top-to-bottom redesign save the $68 billion per year, 596,000-employee agency? Intrepid designer Matt Chase has laid out his vision for a total rebranding of the U.S.P.S, from stamps and letters right up to mailboxes, delivery trucks, and the agency website. Here's Chase's bold logo:

Throughout his designs, Chase uses an appealing four-color palette of two reds and two blues. He favors soft, pastel tones and a narrow, readable Helvetica, all of which lend the designs a warm feel reminiscent of Leave It To Beaver-era Americana. He frequently cites the U.S.P.S.'s two-plus centuries of history, giving the brand a feeling of tradition and permanence. Here are his ideas for standard envelopes, for a stamp dispenser, and for a newspaper advertisement.

Click through to see all of Chase's U.S.P.S. rebranding designs.

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