Schools With Stimulus Funds Balk at Hiring Teachers

Better to wait and see, they say

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The New York Times has a story saying stimulus funding for schools is being stored rather than used for hiring. Teachers and guidance counselors aren't regaining their jobs, as scared schools pocket taxpayer money saying "they need to preserve the funds to prevent future layoffs." Bloggers are predictably incensed.

  • 'Leftist Promises That the Money Would Save Jobs' Conn Caroll at The Heritage Foundation sniffs at the "latest $10 billion federal bailout."
  • 'The Democrats Called This a "Jobs Bill'' So much for that. Steve Gilbert at Sweetness & Light is not impressed, suggesting the money is probably "going to go to paying for teacher pensions." This was predictable, despite Democratic frenzy over the stimulus being an "emergency." Also, he's not pleased with the implication that stimulus spending should be continued:
Obviously, the only solution is to make this one time $26 billion dollar taxpayer 'bailout' a yearly thing. Which, in fact, is the entire purpose of this New York Times article. Which becomes even more obvious the deeper one wades into the piece.
  • One More Story of Wasted Stimulus Spending Rovin at conservative Hot Air doesn't seem surprised, either, that the schools are "taking advantage of the loophole," which allows districts to spend the money "as late as September 2012." Continues Rovin: "It's anyone's guess where the $10 billion will go now. Or the other $16 billion that was supposed to be directed to the state's Medicaid programs."
  • So Schools Did What Everyone Else Is Doing, summarizes Choire Sicha at The Awl: "Just like financial service companies, manufacturers, law firms, media companies and nearly every other industry in these here United States, even our fine public schools refuse to create jobs in the recession, despite the $10 billion in stimulus money. "
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