Putting Wilford Brimley's Endorsement to the Test

Wyoming will hold its primaries today, answering the serious and weighty question of how far Wilford Brimley's endorsement can take a candidate for statewide office. Brimley, who is coincidentally on my TV screen this very second in a Liberty Medical ad on MSNBC, threw his support behind Republican state Auditor Rita Meyer's gubernatorial bid a month and a half ago, cutting a radio ad for her.

As of the latest polling*, Meyer led the race by a hair. In a crowded field, she polled at 27%, three percentage points ahead of former U.S. attorney Matt Mead.

The Brimley factor could decide it.

UPDATE: That July 26-28 poll is not the absolute latest, as it turns out: according to a Jule 26-29 poll commissioned by the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, Meyer leads with 23%, Ron Micheli places second with 20%, and Mead takes third with 18%. A total of 25% were unsure. Pollsters did not ask how Brimley's endorsement affected likely voter preferences.