Oklahoman Campaigns on Resemblance to Popular Candy

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Republican candidate for Tulsa County Commissioner Drew Rees has launched a political campaign aimed straight at the heartland values of individual rights and delicious candy. Rees's campaign website proves that he is unafraid of tackling such hot-button issues as gun rights, "voodoo economics," and the ideal combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

Rees is certainly a believer in politics by way of sugar. He describes his economic policy, "I believe in 'voodoo economics', the pie can and will get bigger. The size of the pie depends on our actions in the next 4-10 years." In fact, some might even suggest that his campaign images are reminiscent of a certain brand of popular disc-shaped candy:

Copyranter declares, "He is a private pilot, an NRA member, and licensed to practice law in the great state of Oklahoma. So, he can defend himself when and if Hershey's sends him a cease and desist letter." Given that the potentially offending logo has even appeared on Tulsa bus stops, that will probably happen pretty soon.

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