Mark Penn vs. Bill Clinton (UPDATED)

Mark Penn, favorite villain of the liberal blogosphere, is hosting a fundraiser for Republican independent Florida Senate candidate Charlie Crist. I don't see the scandal here. It's assumed that Crist will caucus with the Democrats (though he hasn't said so) if he gets elected, which would put him on the conservative edge of the Democratic caucus--in other words, right where Mark Penn sits.
What's more interesting to me is that in choosing to support Crist, Penn is breaking from his longtime patron Bill Clinton, who has been very active on the campaign trail and has endorsed, and I believe campaigned for, Kendrick Meek. Wonder if this has anything to do with the many millions of dollars the Clintons owe Penn? UPDATE: I was being facetious, but then I got curious and checked to see what Clinton still owes--turns out not much! As of the most recent (July 15th) FEC disclosure filing--page 622 here--she owes just $554,010.