Lunchtime Vid: Obama 'Nationalized Your Skin and Everything Inside It'

And that's only the starting point for this disembodied political experience

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One wonders, seeing the following video, who exactly is directing Republican House members' "America Speaking Out" project. Robert Costa of National Review digs up this new "Speaking Out" installment in which Representative Steve King of Iowa delivers a few memorable soundbites: Obama has "nationalized your skin and everything inside it"; granted the IRS the power "to confiscate the assets of Americans who refuse to submit to the nanny state"; and created a health-care system that must be "pulled out, roots and all."

But it might be King's clipped monotone--reminiscent of a computer-generated voice--that really lingers after the ad is done. Or perhaps it's the way you can watch his eyes scuttle back and forth, presumably over a teleprompter, as he stares steadily ahead (which would explain the monotone, at least). In any event, if the goal is to unsettle, mission accomplished.

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