Linda McMahon Wrestling Puns

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Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon is running for the Senate in Connecticut. This is unusual. Few people connected with professional wrestling seek public office, especially in Connecticut. But does every article written about McMahon have to include a wrestling pun in the headline? Apparently, yes. Taking a cue from this post by the political editors at Esquire, here's a sampling from the past week alone:

  • "Linda McMahon Wrestles Her Past in Connecticut Senate Race" - Newsweek
  • "89 Days to Decide: Senate Candidate Hits Below the Belt With McMahon Ad" - Fox News
  • "The Steel Cage Match of Linda McMahon and Richard Blumenthal, Round 2" - Politics Daily
  • "November Smackdown: McMahon Wins GOP Primary" - Gothamist
  • "Dept. of Merchandising: Linda McMahon Needs To Bring It" - The New Yorker
  • "Linda McMahon Trades Body Slams For Ballots, Wins CT Senate Primary" - NESN
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