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Linda McMahon Uses Randy Savage's Tagline?

After writing this post about Linda McMahon's campaign ads, I got a wrestling-related insight from a reader. In an ad that brushes off McMahon's WWE past, for which her opponents have hammered her, two women ask if McMahon can shake things up in Washington. The answer: "Ohhhh yeah."

Here's the video:

A reader pointed out that "Ohhhh yeah," coincidentally, was Macho Man Randy Savage's tagline. I had forgotten this, since I stopped watching wrestling circa 3rd grade. But here's video evidence:

And in a Slim Jim ad:

Savage, it so happens, is on the outs with the McMahons. Of the old school WWF wrestlers, he evidently has a particularly bad relationship with them. Googling "Randy Savage McMahon" yields a treasure trove of rumor.

It should probably noted that the Macho Man says "Ohhhh yeah" with a lot more force, gusto, and testosterone than do these women, so maybe the campaign ad is not a rip-off. Still, the similarity bears mentioning. I think.