Jeremiah Wright on Obama-Is-a-Muslim Rumors

One of the more puzzling wrinkles in Obama-as-Muslim beliefs is the fact that, during the 2008 presidential campaign, maybe the biggest obstacle Sen. Barack Obama confronted was the fiery political railings of Jeremiah Wright, Obama's former pastor at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Some of the people who claim he's a Muslim are poignantly aware of Wright, his sentiments on the Iraq war, and Obama's attendance at his Christian church.

So what does Wright make of the belief (held by 18 percent of Americans, according to Pew) that the president is actually Muslim? We catch a brief glimpse from a speech he gave over the weekend:

"Go after the military mindset ... and the enemy will come after you with everything," Wright told the packed church.

"He will surround you with sycophants who will criticize you and ostracize you and put you beyond the pale of hope and say 'you ain't really a Baptist' and say 'the president ain't really a Christian, he's a Muslim. There ain't no American Christian with a name like Barack Hussein,'" he added.

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