Is This the Worst Candidate Interview Ever?

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America's political process tends to favor the demonstrably sane. So while people complain about softball interviews, they're an invaluable Rorschach test for testing the viability of candidates. Get through them without howling or singing a song of your own composition and people just might consider taking you seriously. It's a feat neither South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene nor Providence mayoral candidate Chris Young managed to pull off this election cycle.

Time's Dan Fletcher has even gone as far as to deem Young's appearance on a Rhode Island morning show "the worst candidate interview ever." We are not totally convinced. Yes, he sits uncomfortably close to the program's host. And yes, he sings a song about a rich man in a house upon a hill. But he is also poised. He has prepared remarks for the occasion. Unlike Greene's failure to adequately spin his indictment to a reporter on his lawn, Young at least can point to the fact he stayed on message. Judge for yourself:



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