Happy Hour Vid: It's Not 'Fair' to Blame Obama

John Kerry speaks (relatively) candidly with Zakaria

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Senator John Kerry isn't known as a scintillating interviewee, but he seems to have opened up--at least a little--in a conversation with CNN's Fareed Zakaria. The sit down, which touched on the Massachusetts senator's thoughts about WikiLeaks ("not particularly game changing"), Afghan President Hamid Karzai ("he's the guy we've got to work with"), and the resolution to the war in Afghanistan ("I'd personally say no" to more troops), is most notable for his response to a question about the president's faltering approval ratings.

When prompted about the numbers (around 12:30 in the video), Kerry stated, "In the last six months, I think that there was an article even in the paper this week, about people no longer blaming Bush that they're beginning to target this White House. That's a natural course of events as you go through any administration, but I don't think it is fair to the President."

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