Happy Hour Vid: Has Making Fun of Alvin Greene Gone Too Far?

Alvin Greene howls. Suddenly we don't feel too great about ourselves.

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Like pretty much every political website this summer, we've had a good time at the expense of South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene. (Here's a link!) And in our defense, some of our jokes were really, really funny (like when we dressed him up as Spiderman). But there comes a point where even an occasionally incoherent, childlike Senate candidate under indictment on obscenity charges stops being hilarious. For Alvin Greene, that day was yesterday. Specifically, the moment he began to howl on live television. As Slate's Dave Weigel asked when linking to it, "At this point, how is this different from making fun of the mentally disabled kid in junior high?"

Here's the video, if you want to feel like a heel:

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