Fight Erupts Over Michelle Obama 'Hit Piece'

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A New York Daily News "hit piece" on Michelle Obama has Taylor Marsh going ballistic at Mort Zuckerman, the newspaper's owner. The piece, part of a broader backlash against the First Lady's vacation in Spain, the piece was written by Andrea Tantaros under the headline "Material girl Michelle Obama is a modern-day Marie Antoinette on a glitzy Spanish vacation." Writes Marsh:

I guess they chose that one because 'Who Does This Bitch Think She Is?' didn't allow for the Marie Antoinette guillotine image. Besides, Mort wanted to get the biggest bang for his buck.

Marsh focuses little on Tantaros, whom she notes is identified as a "corporate communications professional who was formerly a Republican campaign strategist." Instead she refers to the article as "Mort Zuckerman's hit piece," citing a previous time the Daily News "went after First Lady Michelle Obama's shoes." The crux of the new piece, argues Marsh, "is that Mr. Zuckerman is very displeased with Pres. Obama, because of his mean, old policies against big business. He said so a week or so ago on 'Morning Joe.'" She continues: "Mort's just miffed because of a little regulation coming back into his world. Or maybe it's because he might lose his Bush tax cut, I have no idea."

As for the details of the piece itself, Marsh admits it does cost money to take the Secret Service and Obama to Spain on Air Force Two, but "it's not what Mort's rag is making it out to be, because the First Lady paid for her own lodgings, as did her friends." In addition, Mrs. Obama receives no salary for her official role as First Lady. Is this really so unprecedented?

There was some media criticism of Nancy Reagan when she was spending a fortune on gowns in the '80s, but it wasn't much, even as an entire generation of gay men died off because her husband, Pres. Ronald Reagan, wouldn't even say the word AIDS in public.

I wonder where Mort Zuckerman was and if he had this kind of cow when Jackie Kennedy went on her spending spree to outfit the White House, including indulging herself in a few French designers herself.

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