Don't Say the RNC Hates Minarets

This is not so much a story as it is a JPEG file: the logo for the host committee organizing the Republican National Committee's 2012 Tampa Bay nominating convention contains--wait for it--a minaret. Or the outline of a minaret. It's part of Tampa's skyline. The RNC, to my knowledge, has no official position on minarets, but there are those who are wondering if such a gross pictorial endorsement of Moorish architecture will roil the anti-minaret contingent in the Republican base. After all, if we're at war with Islamic extremism, is this really a time to be drawing minarets?

Given that no news has actually happened surrounding the logo, maybe it's just better to look at it and wait to see if anyone actually does feel like criticizing it, thereby fulfilling the wishes of the GOP's critics.

Tampa Bay host committee logo.jpg
More artistically significant: the lack of oppressive red. There's actually more blue in the logo. And there are no elephants. The abstract representation of waves, the foregrounded palm leaf placed behind the outlined city, and the quantity of white gives one an airy sense of dislocation and an impression that the GOP's 2012 fortunes have yet to be filled in. But the minaret is a nice touch.