D.C. Dems Jump Into Missouri, Kentucky

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is jumping into two competitive races, Hotline OnCall's Jeremy Jacobs reports:

The DSCC has reserved air time in October for KY and MO SEN, sources tell Hotline On Call. The committee is planning to spend $4M in MO for a statewide broadcast ad and $1.3M in KY for a statewide ad campaign.

The ads buys will bolster the campaigns of Dem nominees Robin Carnahan in MO and Jack Conway in KY.

Both campaigns are quite competitive: in Missouri, Carnahan has been hitting Rep. Roy Blunt for taking contributions from oil companies during his political career and his opposition to Wall Street Reform. After the state chose John McCain by a few thousand votes in 2008, a full 57% of Missourians now disapprove of President Obama's job performance, despite his multiple trips to St. Louis and the surrounding areas. The latest polling shows Blunt leading by seven percentage points.

In Kentucky, Democrats are hoping the libertarian, Tea Party ideology of Rand Paul will make him too conservative for voters in the state. And they've been helped by some serious hiccups for the Paul campaign: he stumbled out of the gate after winning his primary as his stance on the Civil Rights Act immediately became a campaign issue, and more recently GQ's report of alleged pot-induced kidnapping have brought Paul more unwanted attention. Democrats enjoyed a big registration advantage (57% to 36%) in 2008, but McCain still ran away with the presidential vote. Conway trails Paul by between five and 10 percentage points, according to recent polls.

UPDATE: A response to the ad buys from National Republican Senatorial Committee Press Secretary Amber Marchand:

"In the wake of their desperate attempts to backtrack on their support for the largest tax increase in American history, it's clear that Rubberstamp Robin Carnahan and liberal trial lawyer Jack Conway's campaigns are justifiably worried about their chances in November. There's a reason why Roy Blunt and Rand Paul are leading their respective Democrat opponents less than 75 days from Election Day - voters in Missouri, Kentucky, and across America are tired of the Democrats' reckless tax-and-spend policies, and they've rejected Carnahan and Conway's eager support for President Obama's damaging economic agenda."