Crist Wins Florida Teamsters Endorsment

Meek, meanwhile, is backed by AFL-CIO and SEIU

Democrat Kendrick Meek has the support of Florida's AFL-CIO and SEIU, but independent Charlie Crist is rolling out a labor endorsement of his own today, from a coalition of five Florida Teamsers locals.

From the Crist campaign's announcement:

In their endorsement, the Teamsters cited Crist's commitment and independent approach to creating jobs and rebuilding the economy, issues vital to working families.

"Charlie Crist is a good governor who cares more about people than party," said Local 79 President Ken Wood. "He stood up for President Obama's stimulus package when he thought it would help working families in Florida, even though he took a lot of flak from his own party for doing so. We need to elect politicians who listen to us, who represent us and who protect us, and that's exactly what Charlie Crist has done for Florida's working families."