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After Bitter Primary, Rob Simmons Endorses Linda McMahon--Sort Of

Unity in Connecticut? Maybe not.

After losing out to Linda McMahon in a bitter, on-again/off-again Senate primary on Tuesday, former Congressman Rob Simmons offered this categorical, less than enthusiastic endorsement in an email to supporters this morning:

In conceding the field to Mrs. McMahon I pledged my support for all Republican candidates this fall. 

Simmons repeatedly questioned the former WWE CEO's character during the race. At one point--after losing to McMahon at the state convention in May and suspending his campaign--Simmons said he definitely would not support McMahon as the nominee. Simmons remained on the ballot all summer, airing what he called "public service" ads reminding voters that his name would appear. Two weeks before the election, he officially re-entered the race.

On Tuesday, Simmons pledged that he would support McMahon as he conceded the primary to her. Afterward, Connecticut political reporter Brian Lockart asked Simmons if he would actually cast his vote for McMahon in November. Simmons's response:

"I said no such thing," Simmons told me a few minutes later as we chatted outside of his home in Stonington. "I'm not going to say I won't, either."

McMahon won the three-way primary on Tuesday with just under 50% of the vote. Simmons collected 27%, and Peter Schiff collected 23%.