After 6 Years, Tom DeLay Will Not Be Charged

The former House Majority Leader is cleared

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The federal investigation of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is over. The government has decided, after six years of examination, that the Republican representative from Texas will not be charged in connection with the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. Bloggers react to this rather belated decision:

  • 'The Bush Administration Blew It'  Looking at the Stevens, Delay, and Blagojevich investigations, Don  Surber is less than impressed with the federal government's ability to prosecute. "One was convicted ILLEGALLY. One was exonerated TOO LATE," he complains, "and one is in the 14th day of jury deliberations with only 2 of 24 counts decided."
  • 'This Is a Travesty,' writes Rob Port at SayAnything. "Not because I think Tom DeLay is all that innocent of anything," he hastens to add, "but rather because the Department of Justice spent six years of time and taxpayer money on a big nothing."
  • Lesson for Republicans, New Job for Journalists  Though "DeLay apparently didn't do anything wrong," writes Ed Morrissey at conservative Hot Air, "... the travails of DeLay and the GOP in 2006 should serve as a ... lesson for Republicans ... The next Republican majority had better focus on actual reductions in federal government and the end of pork-barrel spending to woo lobbyists." In addition, he says:
now that the Abramoff case has closed, maybe the American media can pursue the story of Paul Magliocchetti and PMA with at least half the vigor of their pursuit of the Abramoff scandal.  After all, we have another well-connected lobbyist allegedly laundering campaign contributions and winning legislative gifts for his clients.  Are they less interested in a similar scandal tied to Democrats?  And if so … why?
  • Technically This Isn't Over Yet, notes Jay Newton-Small at Time. "DeLay still has one charge pending in Texas court."
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