You're White! You Don't Belong Here!

Go back to Germany! Go back to Europe! The whites don't belong here!

These hilariously sarcastic cries came from a member of the Brown Berets, a Chicano nationalist group (sort of in the mold of the Black Panthers), who walked up to a small rally/protest to support Arizona's immigration law, which was gathered outside Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

She was tailed quite closely by a guy with a video camera who is apparently affiliated with the group Americans for Legal Immigration (that's where the video surfaced on YouTube), who tells the woman, to her surprise, that her group is the Latino version of the KKK. At one point, one of the SB 1070 supporters tells tells the Brown Beret to go back to her country.

Skip ahead to 1:47 for the megaphone yelling:

H/T Gateway Pundit