Your New Ring Tone: Blago Cursing

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Remember Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced former Democratic governor of Illinois who was arrested in 2008 for attempting to sell off Barack Obama's Senate seat, to which he had the power to appoint a replacement? He's back, this time in ring tone form! Many of Blago's relevant phone calls, where he discussed in sailor-like language such subjects as the general awesomeness of Rod Blagojevich and his plans to commit fraud, became infamous when they were played in the courtroom and aired on the news.

Now you can relive the magic of Blago's crazed, oblivious rants every time you get a phone call. The State Journal-Register of Springfield, Illinois, is, as Journal-Register writer Brian Mackey puts it, "offering free Blagojevich ringtones for your (bleeping) phone." The brief, choice quotes are available in either mp3 format for your listening convenience or in m4r format to be uploaded as a cell phone ring tone. Here are just two of the nine Blago rants that the State Journal-Register has uploaded:

You know our mantra was -- you know, before election night -- was "win on Tuesday" -- I remember, if you guys remember this -- "win on Tuesday, (expletive) everybody on Wednesday and quit on Thursday."
I've got this thing and it's (expletive) golden. And I'm just not giving it up for (expletive) nothing.

The State Journal-Register has provided the full context for each quote as well as detailed instructions on how to upload them to your phone. Servicey!

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