Video: Slurring, Bare-Chested Tennessee Gubernatorial Campaign Speech

Basil Marceaux even gets the Colbert treatment

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Basil Marceaux is running for the Republican nomination for governor of Tennessee and he made a campaign speech on the local NBC affiliate to prove it. He also has campaign proposals, like eliminating the need for firearm carrying permits so that "everyone [can] carry guns. If you kill someone, no, you get murdered. You go to jail." Good point! Marceaux also advocates planting grass on all vacant lots in the state and then selling it "for gas ... so we can use it for our expenses." His plan to remove all stop signs and replace all American flags is equally compelling. Here's the full speech and reactions:

  • Wonkette's Favorite New Subject  Jack Stuef introduces a very long post, "You know this video is going to be good because the news anchors prefaced Basil’s words by warning that they decided to give air time to every major-party candidate in the race. And, oh boy, it is a masterpiece. It is impossible to blog about Basil Marceaux because everything he says or writes is absolutely amazing. Just look at his website. It is indescribably perfect. What can be made fun of first? We just want to live in this man’s brain forever."
  • Polling Around 1%, But Winning Google  The Nashville Scene's Jeff Woods reports, "Basil Marceaux reacts to his status as Internet sensation: 'I always knew it would happen because I’m sure everyone feels like me. It just takes guts,' he says. ... Marceaux clarifies for his fans that he doesn't want to eliminate gold-finch flags. No, in that Channel 4 video he was saying gold-fringe flags. ... while Marceaux was polling at only 1 percent last week, he's stomping his Republican rivals in Google hits—125,000 to only 76,900 for Wamp, his closest competitor."

  • Makes Alvin Greene Look Good  Mediaite's Glynnis MacNicol writes, "Suffice to say, he makes Alvin Greene look like a political genius (something I’m not entirely convinced he’s not)."
  • Stephen Colbert Endorses  "People always vote for the candidate they feel they could have a beer with, and it looks like he had several even before that statement. He’d have a beer with you whether you want it or not."
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