Unabashed Fascination With Aaron Schock

The youngest member of Congress, 29-year-old Aaron Schock, has gotten plenty of attention since arriving here, mostly because he's so young and photos of him shirtless, his head dangerously close to a bikini inhabited by an equally nice-looking young lady, made the rounds on TMZ. Now Schock gets the brief profile treatment from The New York Times, in which he talks about being a legislator/man about town:
"I think D.C. is becoming kind of a cool place to be, and so as a young person coming to Congress last year, it's been fun for me," he said in an interview in his fifth-floor suite in the Cannon House Office Building. "I'm not only getting to do the job that I ran for office to do, but I think I'm also getting to participate in the new D.C., if you will."

He goes home to Peoria almost every weekend after the last vote, but his youth and enthusiasm seem to have given him a mystique that he is happy to cultivate.

"I enjoy the new restaurants, I enjoy some of the social events I've been invited to, and I think my age has allowed me into some of those activities," he said. "I'm on people's minds."

Among other things, by reading this article you can get the back-story to the photo and brief references to Schock not being gay and opposing gay marriage, despite the fact that he's marginally become a "gay icon." Read the full story at NYTimes.com.