The Most Intense Fundraising Letter of the Week

Throughout the course of a given week, lots upon lots of fundraising e-mails get sent to the supporter lists of parties, campaign committees, and other organizations. This e-mail from Tea Party Express, sent last night, wins the prize for most intense fundraising letter sent this week--topping even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's terse rebuttal of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in an e-mail seeking donations for House Democratic campaigns.

The sender of this e-mail is Debbie Lee; the subject line reads, "My Son Died for You." It asks for money to help Joe Miller defeat Sen. Lisa Murkowsi in her Senate reelection race. View it as a web page here.

An embedded video is missing, but here it is:

My name is Debbie Lee, and I am the mother of Marc Alan Lee who was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq.

When I got the news that Marc had died I was devastated.  Unless you've lost a son or daughter I'm not sure you can understand how painful this time in my life was.  Marc was an amazing person, a strong, powerful, ethical and decent warrior.  He was my baby - he was 'part of me' and losing him was something that was painful to deal with.

What I realized after his death was that I could either continue to grieve about his loss, or I could do something to honor him and the service and sacrifice he gave to his nation.  It occurred to me that if my son was willing to risk his life to save his buddies, then I would need the courage and resolve to put myself out there and try to make a difference for this nation.

I thus became involved in politics.  I saw how some politicians used our troops as pawns for their political games.  They would cut off funding for our troops, and some - like Harry Reid - would go so far as to undermine their missions and declare their efforts "lost."

Right now we have a critical U.S. Senate race taking place - one that could determine the future of this country.  It is the Alaska U.S. Senate race where RINO Republican Lisa Murkowski is being challenged by Tea Party patriot, Joe Miller.

Joe is a graduate of West Point who earned the Bronze Star for combat in Operation Desert Storm.  I have come to deeply respect Joe, and the fact that he is willing to take on the failed, corrupt political establishment who has left us with bailouts, record deficits and empowered the federal government to take more and more of our freedoms away from us.

If my son gave his life fighting for American freedom, then surely I should do my part to help fight for freedom here on the homefront.  And that's exactly what I am doing, and why I am asking you to please join me in supporting Joe Miller.

Joe has been endorsed by the Tea Party Express, Gov. Sarah Palin, radio talk show host Mark Levin, and the National Right to Life.   He's the real deal - an American hero who risked his life overseas, and now has put it all on the line here in America.  He desperately needs our help if he is to defeat the political establishment and RINO Lisa Murkowski.

I am in Alaska right now working to help elect Joe Miller, and I need your help.  If you still need motivation to understand why we must win this race, simply watch the video below.  It is Lisa Murkowski saying we should accept ObamaCare (an unconstitutional grab of our freedoms by the federal government).  Murkowski says we shouldn't repeal ObamaCare.  I say this is yet one more reason why we MUST defeat her.

Watch her yourself:

Please - do your part to help me defeat Lisa Murkowski, and elect conservative Republican tea party hero, Joe Miller.

You can contribute as little as $5 all the way up to the maximum allowed $5,000.  I'm hoping many of you will give $100, $500, $1,000 or more.  I've given my time, money and effort to Joe Miller - and I am asking you to join me.  To contribute right now - JUST CLICK HERE.

If you prefer you can mail in a contribution payable to "Tea Party Express" to our headquarters:

Tea Party Express

770 L Street #1020

Sacramento, CA 95814

Now let's go win this race!  We've got a lot of work still left to do if we are truly going to change Congress in the 2010 elections.