The Mike Weinstein Campaign Video

It's probably a bit premature to call it "viral," since it's got 42,000 some hits on YouTube as of now (doesn't "viral" need a couple hundred thousand, at least?) but Republican state Rep. Mike Weinstein's campaign video is something else. It's made the rounds on MSNBC this morning, so the hits will probably take off in no time.

It is hands down the most positive campaign video I have ever seen, topping even the Obama Girl series. It sort of makes you want to party, vote, and maybe drink some apple juice, all at the same time.

The song was written by Weinstein's son, Scott Leigh, who writes positive, educational music. That's him in the video. Here's what Weinstein told CBS about its inception:

"My goal was to try to come up with a campaign ad that wasn't attacking anyone or being negative. I find that to be so distasteful," Weinstein, a Republican who represents Jacksonville, told Hotsheet. "I wanted to come up with something that could show you could get a little bit of buzz over a commercial without it being negative."

We do not, generally, write about web videos on this blog...unless they are otherwise notable for some unique reason. In this case, aesthetic originality makes the cut. Well played, Mike Weinstein. Take your earned media.