The Full Inspire

nightbeat-icon.gifThe Night Beat notes that Inspire, the full 67-page propaganda magazine produced by Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, is now circulating. Its release had been delayed for two weeks after someone or something managed to mess with the original version. AQAP issued no communication in the intervening days -- until the release of the magazine. You can find a copy on researcher Jarret Brachman's website. He says that while it might "prod some further down the road to radicalization," it isn't all that different from what he's seen in Jihad Recollections or other online jihadi magazines. ... In other news, Marc Ambinder found some common ground with Al Qaeda when today they issued a fatwa against vuvuzelas. 

SARAH!: Sarah Palin's Sarah PAC reported contributions north of $865,000 in the second quarter of 2010; she has more than $910,000 on hand, having given about $88,000 to GOP candidates and $210,000 to consultants (including Ivy Fry, for policy advice, Pam Pryor, for help building coalitions, Andrew Davis, for politics, Lindsey Hayes, for speech writing, and Orion Strategies, including Michael Goldfarb and Randy Scheunemann, for foreign policy consulting.)

IN CONGRESS: The Senate will do what it has 60 votes to do. If West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin appoints someone to fill Sen. Robert Byrd's seat, then financial reform and unemployment insurance could get done. If not, the Senate will probably stay on small business for the week. The House's agenda is less clear; work proceeds on the defense funding bill.

THE PARTIES: Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has called dozens of members throughout the week and is confident that there will be no problems at the RNC's upcoming summer meeting in Kansas. At the same summer meeting, Republicans will join Democrats in finalizing their primary calendar, as proposed by the Steele Commission, setting the same dates (beginning in February) and the same exemptions for the same states.

CYBER: There will be some sort of major cyber event at the White House this week. Industry big-wigs were asked to report to the 18 Acres complex for some kind of event with Howard Schmidt, the National Security Staff's senior director for cybersecurity, Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security secretary, and Gary Locke, Commerce secretary. Unclear if there will be any announcements. ... The event is being couched as the one-year anniversary of the release of the President's cyber policy review.

BUSINESS BEAT: One major indicator coming out this week: the inflation rate for June. If it remains low, fine, but if it's going deflationary, then people worry. Earnings season for the second quarter begins as well.


-- POTUS and the press get a brief chance to tangle on the news of the day after the President's bilat with the President of the Dominican Republic tomorrow.

-- The American Israel Public Affairs Committee's National Board of Directors meets this week in Washington.

-- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Sen. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, tomorrow at the State Department. On the agenda: START. The administration's outreach to Republicans is that personal.

-- RIP to Bob Sheppard, Voice of God. Dead today at 99.