Should Biden Go on Beck?

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Jonathan Capehart thinks he might have a solution to the White House's "near-crippling cycle of fear" vis-à-vis Fox News: send Vice President Joe Biden to appear on Glenn Beck's show. The latest evidence of this fear, of course, was the Shirley Sherrod debacle.

Sure, admits the Washington Post writer, "the people watching Glenn Beck are probably unreachable" by an administration figure, but even if the viewers "couldn't care less what Biden says, the news generated by the event would reach those white and independent voters who appear to be losing faith with the president. It would give the administration a chance take on the lies and misinformation directly." Furthermore, "if there's one sure-fire way to earn the respect (grudging thought it might be) of the opposition, it is to show up." Though some might say dispatching Biden would "elevate Beck's stature," Capehart dismisses this: "wake up," he says. "The guy already has the stature."

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