Sharron Angle's TV Presence: From Low-Budget to High-Gloss

Nevada's Tea-Party-backed Senate candidate has a slick new website, and now she's got a slick TV ad to go with it. Having raised over $1 million since winning her primary, she's still a $9 million to $1.5 million underdog in the money race, but an injection of some more glossy campaign strategizing has yielded a high-production-value ad that hits Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on one of his more vulnerable points: Nevada's high unemployment rate.

Angle's campaign is asking donations to keep the ad on the air longer.

Compare this to the first TV ads in support of Angle, launched in March by Tea Party Express in April and then June. That group catapulted Angle to primary victory by endorsing her and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to support her candidacy, and this was the first ad in Angle's favor to grace Nevada TV sets:

Followed by this one, launched in the first week of June, shortly before the primary:

The low-budget Tea Party Express ad clearly worked, but, as the Notorious B.I.G. would say, Angle's TV presence has gone from ashy to classy.