Sarah Palin for RNC Chairwoman?

She'd be be better than Steele, some conservatives say

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Should the RNC fire Michael Steele and hire Sarah Palin? The latest round of debate got kicked off Saturday by Kevin Williamson over at National Review. Palin, he points out, would "raise tons of money and help recruit good candidates," while not having "to get herself entangled in the minutiae of policy-development, which has not been her forte." While she's polarizing, "so is Barack Obama," he says, and having a polarizing person for chairman might be better than having one as a candidate. Reaction on the right is mixed.

  • Stop Trying to Keep Palin Out of 2012  Conservative blogger Gary Jackson, a contributor to "The Sarah Palin Web Brigade," thinks Williamson is being condescending and is just "looking for any way possible to get Sarah Palin out of the running." He suggests Williamson and others want to pave the way for their own favored candidates, whom he calls "show ponies."
  • I'm Not, responds Williamson. "Writing that policy detail is not Palin's forte is not the same as writing that Palin is unintelligent," and in any case he does "not think that she is going to run for president in 2012." Irritated at some of Jackson's stronger remarks, he writes: "Palin is often accused of being poorly informed and overly defensive. I do not think that is true of her, but it certainly seems to be true of her loyalists."
  • 'Draft Sarah,' agrees Jim Hoft over at Big Government, who already has a poster, website, and Twitter account all set up.
The failure of Chairman Steele to successfully sell Liberty over Socialism, and to cultivate and facilitate those future candidates who can, is emblematic of the dysfunction of the Republican party, a dysfunction which has over the past four years led the party to near-ruin. We need a true and tested leader.

We need Sarah Palin.

  • Non-Conservatives: Oh, Please Draft Sarah, pleads Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, as does Josh Fruhlinger at Wonkette. Explains Brayton: "I heartily endorse this idea despite--no, make that because of--its utter stupidity. Please put Palin in charge of the RNC."
  • Not a Good Idea "Leaving aside the back-handed nature of that last statement--Sarah Palin doesn't know much about policy so let's let her run the Republican Party !--the problems with Williamson's idea seem rather manifest," writes Doug Mataconis at classical-liberal site Outside the Beltway. He points out her polarizing tendencies. "What the GOP needs in a chairman is the kind of party insider that is seen and not heard, and who knows how to raise money without alienating voters."
  • Sarah Fan Here: Not a Good Idea Jonah Goldberg disagrees with his National Review colleague, arguing that, though he's "pretty pro-Palin," the RNC chairman "should be the most tea-partyish establishment Republican possible." Being of the establishment "gives you a depth of experience talking to a whole lot of different kinds of Republicans and Republican-sympathetic independents."
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