Rubio: If Only Crist Were More Like Jindal

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has actively criticized the Obama administration for its oil-spill cleanup efforts, and Republicans have taken notice. Among them is Marco Rubio, the conservative Florida Senate candidate running against his state's governor, Charlie Crist.

On a conference call with bloggers today, Rubio drew a contrast: "We haven't gotten the leadership in Florida that they've got in Louisiana from their governor, in terms of calling out the federal government in their response," the candidate said.

As Jindal levels criticisms at inefficiencies in the coordinated response, it will be all too easy for Rubio to draw the comparison as he takes Crist to task for calling a special legislative session to enact a constitutional offshore drilling ban (when offshore drilling is already banned under Florida law), a major point of contention in the Florida Senate race of late.