Morning Vid: Jon Stewart Grills Puppet Michael Steele

"Ain't no Republican Party like a Michael Steele Republican Party"

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While Jon Stewart thrives on playing hardball with inept politicians, the host of The Daily Show takes particular pleasure in tearing into the embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele following his controversial claim that conflict in Afghanistan was "a war of Obama's choosing." Beginning with an brief (and damning) overview of Steele's gaffes during his tenure, Stewart circles in for the final blow.  "OK, forget about the fact that we've been in Afghanistan since before Obama was a gleam in the Senate's eye," seethes Stewart. "Forget about the fact that this non-act of war has cost the United States thousands of casualties, and just focus on this. This is the head of the Republican Party, going against one of his parties core principles: blowing up shit in other countries. It's like Jews for Jesus."

Stewart turned to a puppet Michael Steele for a thorough (and vaguely offensive) statement:

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