Lunchtime Vid: O'Reilly Scoffs At Obama vs. Arizona

"Why is the President going against public opinion?"

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On last night's show, Bill O'Reilly voiced skepticism about the Department of Justice's case against Arizona. Despite the legal and jurisdictional issues at stake in the suit, the Fox News host doubts that pursuing the case will yield positive political results for President Obama. "Every poll shows the vast majority of Americans support Arizona's crackdown on illegal aliens," scoffed O'Reilly"So why is the president once again going against public opinion?" O'Reilly speculates that the move may be based in some shaky electoral math:

"Talking Points" believes the president may be worried about losing the support of Hispanic Americans, thus the legal action against Arizona. But I'm not so sure about the strategy. With about 77 percent of Arizonans supporting new law. Some of them must be Hispanic. So the president might be miscalculating.

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