John Kerry vs. Yacht Taxes

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Did John Kerry forget to pay taxes on his yacht? No, it's not a leftover Karl Rove push-poll question. It's the central dilemma of what's shaping up to be the goofiest political scandal of the summer. At issue: the $500,000 in sales tax Kerry didn't pay in Massachusetts when he registered his new $7 million yacht in Rhode Island. The senator is currently summering on the boat in Nantucket. The Boston Globe's John Guilfoil explains the legal details:

According to the state Department of Revenue, Massachusetts law states that if a resident purchases property, such as a boat, out of state and keeps it out of state, no taxes will be assessed. But if the property is purchased out of state and is brought into Massachusetts within six months, the Commonwealth will assume it was purchased for use in-state, and taxes will be assessed.

Nantucket, obviously, is in Massachusetts. So where's the Commonwealth's cash? That's what reporters in the following video asked Kerry when he showed up yesterday at the South Weymouth Naval Air Station. Needless to say, it wasn't smooth sailing.

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