Harry Reid's Resurgence: Can He Hold On To Win?

Pundits debate the surprise turnaround

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In much needed good news for Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has taken a seven point lead over feisty Republican challenger Sharron Angle in a new independent poll. Reid, who had previously trailed the upstart Republican in most recent polls has seen somewhat of a resurgence after carpet-bombing the airwaves with a negative TV and radio ad campaign. The Nevadan Democrat--once left for dead by many critics--now appears to have a real shot at beating pervasive anti-incumbent sentiment and earning his fifth term in the Senate. Pundits weigh in:

  • 'I wouldn't write her obituary just yet,' Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research told The Las Vegas Review-Journal, noting that it's a long way to November. "Three and a half months is a lifetime, and at some point she's going to be able to start fighting back."
  • Reid May Have Turned The Corner writes Tommy Christopher at Mediaite, who notes that, "Even with this lead, Harry Reid, like President Obama, suffers from less-than-majority support, an awful sign for an incumbent." That said, Christopher seems to think that Reid's resurgence stems from the excellent job White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs did galvanizing the liberal base with his sober assessment of the midterms on "Meet the Press."
  • 'Can Reid get re-elected in spite of himself?' quipped Elijah Sweete at The Moderate Voice. The seven point lead may not even be the best news for the Nevada Senator: "More significant than the head-to-head numbers may be the 18 point rise in Angle’s negatives. The poll shows that Angle’s unfavorable rating has gone from 25% to 43%, while her favorable ratings have dropped five points into the low 30’s."
  • An Amazing Upswing writes Ben Smith At Politico who appears surprised that "the man who should probably be the nation's most endangered incumbent [is] on the upswing."
  • Sharron Angle Isn’t Dead, observes Doug Mataconis in Outside the Beltway. But while all hope isn't lost for Angle, "it’s going to be a lot tougher than it appeared to be in the immediate aftermath of her primary victory. Once again, it appears that Harry Reid has gotten exactly the Republican opponent he’d want in a year like this."
  • 'Money Can't Always Buy You Love ... But It Can Buy Your Opponent a Little Hate' crows Sherman Frederick at The Las Vegas Review-Journal.
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