Happy Hour Vid: Dobbs, Napolitano Get Testy Over 'Natural' Rights

"Don't rights come from humanity?" asks Napolitano

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Ever since his abrupt resignation last year from CNN, Lou Dobbs has spent his time pondering a potential run for President in 2012, sharpening his debate skills on cable channels, and further incensing the liberal blogosphere with his blunt stance on illegal immigration.

Appearing on the Fox Business channel on Sunday with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Dobbs didn't mince words, leading to a testy exchange. In responding to a question about whether or not immigrants had basic human rights he answered, "everybody is human but not blessed with the rights that are ours as Americans, and I think that's an important fact." He also repeated his refrain that immigrants are perhaps the only "rational actor" in the debate, noting that corporations looking for cheap labor inevitably prey on those without rights.

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