David Petraeus Featured in Pro-Peace Israel Ad

J Street, the pro-peace, left-leaning, upstart antithesis to traditional Israel lobbying powerhouse AIPAC, is up on the air with its first-ever TV ad, which is now running on national cable--CNN, MSNBC, and, fittingly for J Streets younger demographic, Comedy Central.

It poses an alternative for American Jews between Republican hard-liners on Israel and a new class of moderate leaders including President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and...David Petraeus:

Petraeus made at least one headline in Israel when he told the Senate Armed Services Committee this year that Israeli/Palestinian conflict damages U.S. interests and abilities to forge alliances. Ironically, like the hard-liners with whom he's juxtaposed, Petraeus is in fact a Republican and has made the rounds on the conservative think-tank lecture circuit.