Chamber Ups Its Election Budget

The Chamber of Commerce is looking to play a big role in the 2010 elections, and from a post by Peter Stone at the Center for Public Integrity, it looks like their role will be bigger than expected--specifically, $75 million instead of $50 million, according to private comments by Chamber President Tom Donohue:

The Chamber aims to raise $75 million for the business behemoth's electoral efforts, a 50 percent jump from its earlier stated goal of $50 million, Donohue said in a tough closed-door speech on June 28 to about 100 business and industry group leaders, according to a source who attended the meeting.

If it can haul in the $75 million, which is expected to go heavily into issue ads and get out the vote efforts in a few dozen key House and Senate races, the Chamber would likely be the biggest spender among outside groups helping the GOP. The lion' share of the Chamber's political spending in elections has historically benefitted Republicans.

Democrats, meanwhile, are trying to raise money on the threat of substantial outside spending by GOP-aligned groups like the Chamber and American Crossroads.

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