Boehner: White House Throwing Democrats Under the Bus

The minority leader merrily stokes the dispute between House Democrats and the White House

This week's news cycles have been marked by tensions bubbling between House Democrats and the White House, in the wake of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' remark that Democrats could "no doubt" lose control of the House this fall. After some Gibbs backtracking and some private venting from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who apparently doesn't know the guy), House Minority Leader John Boehner merrily steps in to jab at both sides and stir the ruckus.

Specifically, he calls the dispute a "full-scale civil war" and says the White House is "throwing [House Democrats] under the bus." From Boehner's prepared remarks for his daily press conference on Capitol Hill:

With all the trouble Democrats are in right now, it was only a matter of time before they took off the gloves.  I just didn't know their targets would be each other. The panic building among Democrats erupted into a full-scale civil war when the President's spokesman suggested his party could lose the House this fall.  I understand House Democrats are angry: they see the White House throwing them under the bus.  But let's not forget: House Democrats gave President Obama every dollar, every tax hike, every 'stimulus' program, and every government takeover he asked for.  The one thing the American people asked Democrats to do was say 'no' - and they never did.