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Are House Dems Right to Be 'Angry' With Obama?

Exposing a fissure in the party

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When Robert Gibbs admitted that Republicans could "gain control" of the House this November, it unleashed a wave of "long-suppressed anger" from House Dems, reports The Washington Post. Feeling betrayed after casting the "tough votes" on a range of issues, Democrats say President Obama hasn't done enough stumping for them.

"What the hell do they think we've been doing the last 12 months? We're the ones who have been taking the tough votes," said Rep. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey. Are House Dems really at a "boiling point"?

  • Outrage Explained "House Dems are furious that they will be the ones who get shellacked in the midterms -- largely because of the dithering of the Senate and White House on the economy" writes Greg Sargent at The Washington Post: "This despite the fact that House Dems have already succeeded in doing the heavy lifting on their side on jobs- and unemployment-related measures and other legislation."
  • I Sympathize With House Dems, writes John Cole at Balloon Juice: "If I were a Democrat in the House I'd be pissed, too. Without question, they've been the most responsible and pro-active part of the government on every issue to come before them, and they are the ones about to get pasted in the mid-terms. I'd be screaming bloody murder, too."
  • It's About Senate Jealousy, writes Victorino Matus at The Weekly Standard: "Democrats seem to interpret Gibbs's utterance as a sign the White House is focusing now on saving the Senate, which they suspect Obama favors over the House. The House is doomed and there's nothing the president can do about it. But thanks for casting those controversial votes."
  • House Dems Have Only Themselves to Blame, says House Minority Leader John Boehner: "House Democrats are angry because they see the White House throwing them under the bus, but let's not forget that House Democrats gave President Obama every dollar, every tax hike, every stimulus program and every government takeover that he asked for. The only thing that the American people asked the Democrats to do was to say no and yet, they didn't."
  • Do All Democrats Want Obama's Help? questions Laura Meckler at The Wall Street Journal: "Left unsaid, though, was that some vulnerable House Democrats probably want Obama to stay as far from their races as possible. Many of the most vulnerable incumbents are in centrist districts where the president is not popular."
  • The Takeaway Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left: "The message to take from all this is that the Dems are going to get their clocks cleaned in November. The fight to avoid the blame appears to be the big story of the moment."
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