Who Will Lieberman Endorse in Connecticut?

It's not necessarily the Democrat. Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Democrat-turned-independent who lost his primary to Ned Lamont only to win the general election, hasn't made up his mind and is considering an endorsement of Republican Linda McMahon in the Connecticut Senate race.

Via TalkingPointsMemo, via CT News Junkie, here' s Lieberman talking about his deliberation process with reporters:

Also: the main point of criticism to emerge regarding Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon, who is running as a Republican to succeed Sen. Chris Dodd, is, hands down, her past as an executive of WWE. Racy skits, simulated rape and necrophilia, the pretend choking of McMahon's own daughter (in addition to the problem of steroids)--that's what Democrats are throwing at her in her race against Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

"She's running for the Senate now, so I'm not gonna hold her accountable for anything she did in the past. I want to hear what her ideas are on foreign policy, domestic policy..." said Lieberman, who has previously met with McMahon to express concerns about WWE and its messages to kids.