The Good Summarian

Ezra Klein's Wonkbook cites the New York Times' report that the oil spill is driving Congress away from a climate bill and toward an energy-only one.

Mike Allen's Playbook reports that Obama will attempt to resurrect the emissions cap effort during his Oval Office speech on Tuesday. Allen spoke to a Senate Democratic leadership aide who said that Obama told John Kerry and Joe Lieberman that "an energy deal MUST include some serious effort to price carbon as a way to slow climate change."

Chris Cillizza's Morning Fix notes updates to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Red to Blue" target list for the 2010 midterms. The list now includes 10 open seats currently held by Democrats, five open seats currently held by Republicans, and 11 seats held by Republicans seeking reelection. Adds Cillizza: "While Democrats insist they are still playing offense this year -- and indeed, it appears they will be able to in at least a handful of districts -- the new 'Red to Blue' districts are mostly ones where the committee is playing defense."

The Daily Beast's Cheat Sheet points to the New York Times' account of a potential $1 trillion in mineral deposits discovered in Afghanistan. In a country whose current GDP is $12 billion, this discovery could reshape the entire economy, not to mention the war.

ABC's The Note links to a Washington Post story about how retirements by baby-boomer doctors and nurses will strain health-care reform. Nearly 40 percent of doctors are 55 or older, so in the next 10 to 15 years, we may see a severe shortage of medical professionals.