The Good Summarian


Chris Cillizza's Morning Fix narrows Blanche Lincoln's primary race down to one county: Pulaski, a central Arkansas area that Lincoln has carried thanks to her support among black voters. She and her opponent, Bill Halter, have been duking it out in Pulaski; she even summoned Bill Clinton there last month. As the voting booths close, Cillizza advises, watch Pulaski.

Mike Allen's Playbook cites "top Arkansas sources" who say the state's political establishment expects Lincoln to lose by as much as 10 points, which would make her "the fifth incumbent member of Congress to get fired even before November."

Ezra Klein's Wonkbook points to Andrew Ross Sorkin's DealBook assertion that Wall Street is prepping for a potential BP bankruptcy: "Given the plunge in BP's share price -- the company has lost more than a third of its value since Deepwater Horizon blew -- some bankers and analysts say BP is starting to look like takeover bait."  

The Daily Beast's Cheat Sheet leads with the White House's announcement yesterday (via the Wall Street Journal) that offshore drilling, which the administration had slapped with a six-month moratorium in order to craft new safety regulations, will resume in the Gulf Coast.

MSNBC's First Thoughts dissects Obama's interview with Matt Lauer, focusing on Lauer's suggestion that the oil spill is a time to "kick some butt," which prompted Obama to voice his thoughts on "whose ass to kick" -- specifically that of BP CEO Tony Hayward, whom Obama said he would have fired by now.

ABC's The Note links to the New York Daily News's claim that Fox News is vying for Helen Thomas's front-row seat in the White House briefing room.