Should Dems Worry About the White House Political Shop?

Hotline OnCall's Reid Wilson makes the case for why they should, following the news (see Marc's take here) about Andrew Romanoff:

Dems should be concerned over the WH's political shop. Obama has taken some outside advice -- DCCC chair Chris Van Hollen has pushed the WH to make starker the choice between Dems and the GOP -- but Obama's political team has failed to avoid primaries, failed to manage several electoral contests and hasn't managed to move past several recent stories that paint them in a negative light.

Add to that the fact that Obama's approval rating hovers at or below 50%, a crucial mark for his own party's political health, and one begins to wonder whether anything but a huge money advantage can save Dems. And even that's less than likely: Though DNC chair Tim Kaine has pledged to spend $20M directly on political races and $30M on a new effort to turn out voters, Dems involved in campaigns are privately worried the DNC simply doesn't have the cash to follow through.