Raising Money Off Joe Barton

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hopes it can. The DCCC sent out a fundraising e-mail to supporters this afternoon highlighting Texas Congressman Joe Barton's apology to BP and asking for donations.

At today's Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing where BP CEO Tony Hayward is testifying, Texas Congressman Joe Barton, the top Republican on the full committee, offered a personal apology to Hayward for President Obama having convinced BP to set aside $20 billion for an escrow account to pay damages claims.

Here's part of the e-mail from DCCC Executive Director Jon Vogel:
Friend --

You won't believe this.

While President Obama was securing funds from BP to pay for the damage their oil spill is wrecking on families in the Gulf, Republicans apologized... to BP.

Yes, Texas Congressman Joe Barton actually apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward and called it "a tragedy in the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown." That's right - Republicans think the "tragedy" is that BP will have to pay victims of their disaster.

This isn't from some backbencher.
Republicans want to put Congressman Barton in charge of the entire Energy and Commerce committee!

With our June 30th FEC reporting deadline fast approaching, now is the time to send an overwhelming message that grassroots Democrats will not stand by as Republicans shamelessly shill for their Big Oil backers. The national media will use our grassroots totals to judge our will to fight against the Grand Oil Party.

Barton's not alone. Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann called it a "redistribution of wealth fund." The Republican Study Committee called it "Chicago-style politics." Even now, Republican Leader John Boehner refuses to sign on to House Democrats' legislation lifting the liability cap on BP...