Pawlenty in South Carolina: Endorsements and Fundraisers

Conducting more political business in a key Republican presidential primary state, Tim Pawlenty has been in South Carolina yesterday and today, attending fundraisers and endorsing candidates. Last night, the Minnesota governor attended a state GOP fundraiser with gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley; this morning, he attended a fundraiser for Mick Mulvaney, who is challenging Rep. John Spratt (D) in the state's first congressional district.

He's also endorsing Haley for governor, becoming the latest GOP presidential hopeful to do so--Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin endorsed her before her primary win--and his Freedom First PAC will donate $3,500 to her campaign, according to an aide.

Pawlenty is also endorsing Sen. Jim DeMint, donating $3,000 to his reelection campaign against Democratic mystery candidate Alvin Greene; the governor will also give $2,000 each to Rep. Joe Wilson and congressional candidates Tim Scott, Jeff Duncan  first-district congressional candidate David Scott, and Trey Gowdy.

The visit comes after the governor set up state-level PACs in Iowa and New Hampshire earlier this month.