Morning Vid: Olbermann and Co. Rip Obama's Executive Authority

Who's in charge at the White House?

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Following PresidentObama's Oval Office address to the nation about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Keith Olbermann sat down with Hardball host Chris Matthews and MSNBC analyst Howard Fineman to collectively scoff at Obama's lackluster speech. While the trio had their own individual criticisms, they could all agree on one thing: President Obama failed to project an image as an authoritative head of the executive branch, in control of the growing crisis in the Gulf. Some choice excerpts are below:

FINEMAN: The commander-in-chief thing was lost. And I thought it was—he had to confess but in a way didn‘t confess enough. ... I think, just—if he‘s going to make the analogy to World War II, it should have been like Franklin Roosevelt explaining exactly what was happening in Europe—where Patton was going, where the troops were going, what the losses were, what the advances were, what the troop‘s strengths were. Tell everybody. They‘ve been watching television for the last 59 days. They want to know how we‘re doing.

MATTHEWS: Well, I thought a couple of things were surprising to me. Why does he continue to say that the secretary of energy has a Nobel Prize? I mean, it‘s almost gotten ludicrous. We have Carol Browner do it again tonight. I know I‘ve mocked him for doing it, saying I‘d barf if he did it one more time. But it‘s not important. This meritocracy is going too far. This I‘m the new guy here, the head the MMS. I‘m not sure whether these degrees are going to help or these awards from overseas.


References—you know what they don‘t refer to, his cabinet. Now, this is cabinet government like I‘ve never seen before. I asked Admiral Allen the other day, “Who do you work for?” Because there‘s been concern in the Gulf as to the lack of a clear-cut chain of command, like the president of the United States, Rahm Emanuel, cabinet does what they‘re told. Now, I asked Allen, “Who do you work for?” Well, he says, “I work for Janet Napolitano over at homeland security and then she sort of reports to the president.” And go—wait a minute, isn‘t the president calling the shots here?

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