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Morning Vid: Keith Olbermann Gets Inside the Head of Alvin Greene

A man of few words, indeed

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Alvin Greene shocked Democrats on Tuesday after winning the nomination for South Carolina senate, beating out establishment candidate Vic Rawls. The 32-year-old, unemployed veteran will face longtime Republican Senator Jim DeMint in the general election in November. Pundits are scratching their heads over how Greene, an accused felon with no campaign website or campaign funds, ended up in the national spotlight, fueling suspicion that Greene may in fact be a Republican Party plant. Luckily, Keith Olbermann flexed his investigative skills to get answers from Greene himself on Countdown. Greene proved himself a man of few--and jumbled--words.

OLBERMANN: What was your campaign like? Did you hold a lot of campaign meetings?

GREENE: I had just a few. Not many.

OLBERMANN: Did you have campaign rallies?

GREENE: Nothing formal. Just informal rallies...just informal meetings, rather.

OLBERMANN: Did you go door to door to meet the voters?

GREENE: I just conducted a simple, old-fashioned campaign, all across the state of South Carolina

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