Mohair Goat vs. Congressman

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New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, speaking to reporters in Washington today, was cut by the horn of a mohair goat he had on hand to make a political point about goats. The Hill's Christina Wilkie, who is the real victim here for being forced to cover this incredibly boring story, was able to salvage some comedy from the dull event by dryly mocking both Weiner and the goat with the subtle use of bolded fonts.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) was injured by a mohair goat on Thursday during a press conference to highlight subsidies to the mohair industry.

The goat nicked Weiner's right hand with one of its pointy, foot-long horns, hard enough to draw blood.

Weiner was speaking to reporters in a park near the Rayburn House Office Building, and he was joined by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), and two young male mohair goats, Lancelot and Arthur.

At press time, it was unclear which goat, Lancelot or Arthur, was to blame for Weiner's injury.

Wilkie's full report is here.


Rep. Weiner spokesman Ben Fishel relates to the New York Daily News that Weiner is recovering. Fishel comments, "The Congressman gave a little blood to help end some of the red ink around the Mohair program. The Congressman is fine and the goat is feeling sheepish." An anonymous source tells the Atlantic Wire that Lancelot may be behind the attack. As of press time, Lancelot has no known connections to organized terror.

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