Labor's Final Round in Arkansas

The hotly contested Arkansas Senate primary is less than a week away, and labor is flooding Arkansas with its final round of ads and get-out-the-vote initiatives.

The Service Employees International Union is now airing this, its final ad, hitting Lincoln for her vote in favor of the TARP bailout and for opposing the House's follow-on fix to the health care bill:

AFL-CIO, meanwhile, is leafletting union members to get them to vote early.

Labor urged Lt. Gov. Bill Halter to challenge Sen. Blanche Lincoln from the left, and unions have dropped millions of dollars into this race to support him. To the surprise of many, Halter forced a runoff when neither candidate reached 50% of the vote in the May 18 primary.

Now, he actually leads Lincoln, according to a May 24-26 Daily Kos/Research 200 poll. See polling trends for over the course of the race at